Seven Simple Steps to Building an Energy Efficient Gingerbread House!

Written by: Lauren Brois on Dec 17th 2015

1. Build It: Follow your favorite gingerbread recipe to create the wall and roof pieces. 

2. Air Sealing Work: Assemble the walls using the thickest icing to allow for maximum air sealing. Seal up any spaces between the gingerbread pieces to prevent cold air from blowing through. Air-sealing is very important because the Gingerbread Family does not like drafts! Remember to let the walls set for at least 3 hours before adding the roof. 

3. Add Insulation: If you would like to add insulation after assembling your home, no problem! Adding blown-in insulation is a non-invasive procedure that fills the wall cavities with insulation, without bothering the outside or inside of the home. Use the creamiest icing for the highest R-value. R-value is insulating material's resistance to conductive heat flow, the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness

4. Install Solar Panels Since the Gingerbread House is now more energy efficient (from the added insulation and air-sealing) now it's time to install solar panels. Start by piping a rectangular shape onto the roof. 

5. Reduce your Energy Bill: The energy efficiency work helped to reduce the Gingerbread Family's energy bill and now the solar panels will convert the sun’s rays into free electricity for the Gingerbread home. Use blue icing to fill in the rectangular shape. 


6. Live Sustainably: The Gingerbread family installed their solar panels through the Solarize Program. Pipe white icing in a cross-hatched fashion to represent each cell on the solar panel. Silver sprinkles give the panel a sunny sheen.  

7. Enjoy!: Your Gingerbread House is now Energized! Add some final swirls of icing for decoration and enjoy the peace of mind that your Gingerbread Family is living in comfort and draft free. *Note- The icicles are simply for decoration purposes only. Real icicles are a sign of heat loss and can damage the roof of a house. 

If you wish your home was as cozy and warm as your Gingerbread's House consider getting started with a Home Energy Assessment. Sign up for a free or reduced cost audit online or call Lauren at 914-302-7300.